Financial Services

Bronster LLP’s Financial Services, Creditors’ Rights, and Bankruptcy Professionals Use Their Expertise Honed Over Decades of High-Level Practice to Defend their Clients’ Rights, Maximize Potential Recoveries, and Deliver Results In a Cost-Efficient Manner.

The growing Financial Services, Creditors’ Rights, and Bankruptcy group at Bronster LLP aggressively and efficiently defends our client’s rights and pursues the most optimal remedies  in connection with myriad financial transactions.  On behalf of banks, credit unions, mortgage lenders, asset-based lenders, equipment leasing companies, hard money lenders, merchant cash advance companies, tax lien holders, and other secured and unsecured creditors, the firm’s professionals regularly handle a variety of litigation before the state courts of New York and New Jersey and the federal and bankruptcy courts, in addition to out-of-court private workouts and debt restructuring.  Such representation includes collection matters, foreclosures, replevin, the prosecution and defense of fraudulent conveyance and other avoidance actions under the United States Bankruptcy Code and/or state law, obtaining relief from the automatic stay, claim allowance, lien avoidance, sales of assets and companies in Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, Article 9 matters, injunctive relief, and judgment enforcement.  including the bankruptcy courts, we regularly handle matters including collection, replevin, foreclosures, fraudulent conveyance, injunctions, receiverships and sophisticated enforcement of judgments. Bronster LLP’s professionals also utilize their expertise to, where possible, avoid litigation and the associated expenses in order to achieve a more cost-effective result for the firm’s clients, such as private workouts and the restructuring of claims through the mutual agreement of the parties.

The members of this group are also experienced in the representation of financially distressed companies and individuals in all phases of bankruptcy proceedings under Chapters 7, 11, and 13 of the United Stated States Bankruptcy Code as well as under state debtor and creditor laws, including, but not limited to, the commencement of cases, case administration, negotiations with creditors and other parties-in-interest, confirmation of plans of reorganization and liquidation, asset liquidation through private sales and public auctions, and the claim allowance process. The members of this group have represented not only corporate and individual debtors in bankruptcy but also numerous Chapter 7 trustees throughout the bankruptcy process and in the prosecution of adversary proceedings.  As such, the Bronster LLP team can approach clients’ issues with a more well-rounded knowledge base and offer a more nuanced and informed approach to the resolution of any and all such issues.